webjoin1Come onboard and join us in the fight against plastic waste in our oceans! Take anactive part in marine conservation and organize Beach Cleanups
in your vicinity. They are fun, easy to conduct and an active contribution to marine conservation.

Document important data about the collected waste, so we can save it in our databank, evaluate it and take preventive measures. Our approach of documenting is unique because of its precision and the possibility for you to directly access our databank for obtaining information on marine debris.
Take photos of the cleanup and upload them on our website, so we can draw as much attention to the issue as possible.

You will find all the necessary information here on our website. Check the Resources page for our “Code of Conduct”, “Guidelines”,
Checklist”, “Data collection sheet”, and other useful documents, which will help you to get started easily.

Be part of our movement and become an active defender of marine wildlife by removing hazardous litter from our beaches and riversides.
The oceans need you!

MDC Partner

SSG MDC Campaign Logo klIf you are the operator or owner of a surf camp, diving school, sailing school, kayak school or another kind of maritime organization, you can become an official partner of Sea Shepherd’s MARINE DEBRIS CAMPAIGN. Also conventional state and private schools without any maritime background can participate.

To become an official partner we would ask you to do at least two cleanups per year. The beach or riverside you intend to clean should have a minimum length of 500 metres.

You will be listed on the Milestones page including the logo of your school/organization. Furthermore we will support you with a starter kit consisting of some goodies and educational documents on the issue of marine pollution.

Please fill out our form and read carefully the code of conduct  & voluntary commitment declaration . Our voluntary commitment declaration needs to be signed and sent to us via Mail . We are going to check your application afterwards.

Apply now!

MDC Support Team

supportermini1If you do not run a school of any kind, you are also welcome to participate in our campaign and can organize beach cleanups as you please. You can do this on your own or together with a group of like-minded people. Just join in and start cleaning up the rivers and oceans!

To reduce your impact on the surrounding environment and to guarantee your own safety,
please make sure to abide by the rules laid out in our guidelines, when carrying out a beach cleanup.

Our checklist helps you to easily prepare and conduct your beach cleanup without forgetting important details.

Send us photos and a short report after each of your cleanup events.  
Please include basic information such as the date, location, number of participants,
amount of debris found, unusual finds etc. Just use our cleanup data collection sheet for this.

Join in!

Click here to download your checklist en checklistemdc



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