The Campaign

What do we want to achieve with this campaign?
We want to make our oceans cleaner! We also want to bring attention to the waste problem in the oceans and we'd like to encourage people to try and produce less waste.

How do we want to achieve this?
Of course we won't be able to achieve our goal on our own – we need you! There are two ways for you to join the campaign

In case you are the operator / owner of a surf camp / diving school / sailing school or another kind of maritime organisation you can become an official partner of the campaign. After your successful application you and your guests are going to perform beach clean ups on a regular base and submit your results and photos to us. We provide you with a starter kit and helpful material as well as promoting your organisation on our campaign website.

You don't own an organisation but still want to help us? Then just go ahead and organise your own beach clean up (BCU). You can find info on how to do that and on what you need on our website. After the clean up you send us the data and photos of the collected waste.

With your help and the collected data we can develop new preventative measures to reduce the production of waste and make the oceans cleaner!

Spread the message!


MDC Partner

SSG MDC Campaign Logo klIf you are the operator or owner of a surf camp, diving school, sailing school, kayak school or another kind of maritime organization, you can become an official partner of Sea Shepherd’s MARINE DEBRIS CAMPAIGN. Also conventional state and private schools without any maritime background can participate.

To become an official partner we would ask you to do at least two cleanups per year. The beach or riverside you intend to clean should have a minimum length of 500 metres.

You will be listed on the Milestones page including the logo of your school/organization. Furthermore we will support you with a starter kit consisting of some goodies and educational documents on the issue of marine pollution.

Please fill out our form and read carefully the code of conduct  & voluntary commitment declaration . Our voluntary commitment declaration needs to be signed and sent to us via Mail . We are going to check your application afterwards.

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